Developmental audiologist specializing in auditory processing delays

Vibroacoustic Therapy and Auditory Training


Low Frequency Vibroacoustic therapy

Lower frequencies have long wavelengths.  The work of Tesla states that humans and the earth vibrate at 6-8 Hz.  Vibro-acoustic therapy provides low frequency stimulation to the body that has been shown to have many healing effects.

Tuning Fork , Sound and Music Therapy

The work of Tony Wigram supports the importance of music therapy for a multitude of impairments.  You can find some of his work here: 

Primary Reflex Integration

Retained primary reflexes are common in children with a myriad of developmental delays and can inhibit higher brain functioning.  Peggy has been trained in RMT movements ,and studied Anat Baniel, Feldenkrais, Masgutova, Vojta, Carl Delcato  and uses Kathy Johnson's Maintaining Brains Everyday  exercises  for her clients in conjunction with auditory therapy.

Auditory Training

The Sensory Centre offers several auditory training programs, including: Berard AIT, The differential Processing Training Program, The Buffalo Method promoted by Jack Katz and Peggy's own mixing of all for a highly tailored and individual therapy program for your child.

Diet and Supplements

Peggy has completed her Level One Hanna Kroeger Herbalist training and provides advice and recommendations for complements to her unique, individualized therapeutic approach.